Inclusion and Support

Support from family, friends, and coworkers has played an important role in Anushka’s job search. She fears that her sense of belongingness and family-like work culture will go away once she leaves her current role.

Cultural Differences

Identifying your goals, long-term and short-term may help you understand what you want in a career. Although Vu wants to network, she feels her shy personality may get in the way of that sometimes, as well as her cultural differences.

Job searching post-graduation for Ericka Tenefrancia

Finding a job while in school, versus after graduating has been more challenging than Tenefrancia anticipated. Talking to employers about sponsorship options have also posed frustration, as job postings appear to be misleading. In this blog post, Tenefrancia shares how employers and company websites can improve their career pages to maximize employment opportunities for international students like herself.

From Vietnam to Amazon

Anh Vu is an example of success. His journey from being an international student from Vietnam, all the way to a recruiting coordinator at Amazon, should give all international students hope for the future.

A preacher’s son trying to find success in America

Given Tanri has lived in the US for 10 years. He came here with his father, who entered the country to attend Wheaton College in Chicago. When his family went back to Indonesia, Tanri stayed, and he’s been chasing the American dream ever since.