Achieving a Minority Immigrant’s American Dream

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Another Pioneer, Shaper of American History

Her mother is an Indian American immigrant and biomedical scientist who made key advancements on the forefront of cancer research.

Her father is a Jamaican American immigrant and world class Stanford University economist and professor who investigated and still promotes social equity and economic growth.

Born in Oakland and raised around the values of civic duty and social justice, she participated in protests even as a toddler being pushed in a stroller.

Her first name means “lotus,” another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing female empowerment.

Her parents divorced when she was seven. She struggled, raised by a single mother with her younger sister Maya, and was bused into several public schools as a result of Berkeley’s desegregation plan.

When she visited her father in Palo Alto, she was discriminated against and not able to play with other children in the neighborhood because of the color of her skin.

At twelve, she moved with her sister and mother to Canada, attending a French-speaking primary school and high school. She protected one of her closest friends who confided in her she was molested by her stepfather, allowing her to live with them during her senior year. 

This shaped her lifelong dedication to protecting women’s rights and children as a future prosecutor. 

Eventually she returned home to graduate from UC Hastings Law school in 1989, and was admitted to the California Bar in 1990. 

She is a pioneer. A shaper of history. She is always the first.

The first black woman elected district attorney in California. 

The first female attorney general for California. 

The first Indian American senator. 

Above all, she is the first black and Asian American woman to be elected as Vice President-elect of the United States of America. 

Her name is Kamala Devi Harris.

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